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Yankee Stadium


Students describe a major attraction in the Bronx. They locate it on a Bronx map and identify transportation to it.  They think of the kinds of jobs that people working there have and consider businesses that might be supported by the stadium.

Questions to Explore:

What is Yankee Stadium?  Where is it?  How do people get there? How many people can be accommodated for a game?  What kind of work is done at Yankee Stadium? What other businesses in the Bronx might provide services to Yankee

Stadium or its visitors?  Who are some of the best known Yankees?


Bronx Maps: Google Maps, subway & buses

Suggested Photos:

Suggested Documents:

A Quarter Century of the Yankees in the Bronx

Babe Ruth’s New Playground

Suggested Web Pages:

New York Yankees

Sample Subjects

Baseball; Recreation; Sports; Businesses