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Books for Researching the Bronx

Chelik, Michael and David Gillison.  Public Buildings in the Bronx. Lehman College, 1980.

Derrick, Peter. Tunneling to the Future: the Story of the Great Subway Expansion That  Saved New York City.
New York & London: New York University Press, 2002.

Hagstrom New York City 5 Borough Large Type Atlas. Kappa Map Group, 2019.

Hermalyn, Gary and Robert Kornfeld.  Landmarks of the Bronx.  Bronx, NY: The Bronx County Historical

Hill, Emita Brady and Janet Butler Munch. Bronx Faces and Voices: Sixteen Stories of Courage
and Community.
Texas Tech University Press, 2014.

Jackson, Kenneth. (Editor). The Encyclopedia of New York City.  Yale University Press, 2010. 

Jonnes, Jill.  South Bronx Rising: The Rise, Fall, and Resurrection of an American City.
Fordham University Press, 2002. 

LaRuffa, Anthony. Monte Carmelo: An Italian-American Community in the Bronx. Gordon and
Breach, 1988.

McLaughlin, Carolyn. South Bronx Battles: Stories of Resistance, Resilience, and Renewal.
University of California Press, 2019.

McNamara, John. History in Asphalt: The Origin of Bronx Street and Place Names, the Borough
of the Bronx
, New York City. Bronx County Historical Society, 1996.

Rosenblum, Constance. Boulevard of Dreams: Heady Times, Heartbreak, and Hope Along the
Grand Concourse
. New York University Press, 2011.

Tieck, William A. Riverdale, Kingsbridge Spuyten Duyvil, New York City; a Historical Epitome
of the Northwest Bronx
. F. H. Revell Co., 1968.

Ultan, Lloyd and Shelley Olson. The Bronx: the Ultimate Guide to New York City’s Beautiful
Rutgers University Press, 2015.

__________, and Barbara Unger. Bronx Accent: A Literary and Pictorial History of the Borough.
New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press, 2000.

_________ and Gary Hermalyn. The Bronx in the innocent years, 1890-1950.  New York:  Harper & Row, 1985.

Webster, Sally and Susan Hoeltzel.  Public art in the Bronx. Bronx, NY: Lehman College Art Gallery, 1993.

White, Norval and Elliot Willensky. AIA Guide to New York City. Oxford University Press, 2000.

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