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Own a Business


Students gain an understanding of what it means to own a business.


Students form a team and identify a business that they would like to establish. They state the purpose of the business in the community (products, goods or services), explain why their business is needed and determine who their customers will be. To build an inventory of supplies needed for the business, students contact vendors. They examine the types of skills needed to operate the business, the employees who need to be hired and their jobs. Looking at a Bronx map, they pick a site where they would like to locate the business; and explain what factors should help make this a successful location. After all this is done, the students prepare a radio advertisement for WBNX about their new business. They explain what the business does, where it is located, and how the consumer would benefit from using their products, goods or services. Lastly, students create a ledger to keep track of commerce, by noting sales and expenses.

Suggested “Bronxboro” articles:

Sample Subjects:

Businesses; Banks; Hotels; Stores; Markets; Theaters;

Street Scenes; Transportation; Billboards; Advertising